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group of adult friends laughing at an art class

Health + Wellness

Overcoming Loneliness in Seniors: Building a More Joyful Social Life

Are you lonely? Roughly half of people over the age of 60 are at risk of social isolation. But it’s also possible to feel lonely in a sea of people. Loneliness is an emotion as much as it is a...


Two older men carrying surfboards and walking on the beach

Why Senior Living?

Breaking Free From Retirement Myths: How Life Plan Communities Redefine Aging

Retirement myths are as old as retirement itself. In a culture that venerates youth, it’s easy to stereotype retirement — and the aging it represents — as a dull or unhappy time or as a period in...


man and woman smiling and walking dog outside

Health + Wellness

What Is Pet Therapy for Seniors?

Whether it’s the traditional joys of cuddling up with a cat or dog, something a bit more offbeat like snuggling a rabbit, or even the eccentric joy of watching a tarantula or playing with a pet...


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