Royal Oaks at Sundance Film Festival

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Royal Oaks at Sundance Film Festival

Residents and community appear in 'I'll See You In My Dreams'

Royal Oaks made a star-studded appearance at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival as part of the Jan. 27, 2015 premiere of the new indie film “I’ll See You In My Dreams.” 

Starring Blythe Danner as a 70-something widow who learns new lessons on life and love as a senior, the movie features Royal Oaks as one of its main locations. Residents served as extras in several scenes, with one couple even allowing filming in their home.

Director Brett Haley raised more than $60,000 in funding through the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. He also received a little help from Royal Oaks and Westminster Gardens residents, who participated in a fun video promoting the campaign.

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