Good to Grow leadership programs further team member development

January 17, 2023 -- HumanGood University, the internal training and development program of HumanGood, offers two leadership programs to further team members’ development: Good to Grow: Advanced Leadership and Good to Grow: Emerging Leaders program.

“These programs help prepare team members for career growth and are an important part of our learning and development culture at HumanGood,” said David Larance-Patterson, director of learning and organizational development.

Good to Grow: Advanced Leadership is a five-month leadership program consisting of workshops and professional coaching sessions. This program provides team members with valuable skills to mentor the next generation of HumanGood leaders, and includes workshops on mentorship, language, presence, powerful questions, multipliers, goal setting and emotional intelligence.

Participants are chosen based on a predictive index assessment, a formal application, and a letter of recommendation from another leader at HumanGood. The program is facilitated by experienced coaches and entrepreneurs from Reboot Accel, a consulting firm focused on creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

“Facilitating the Good2Grow Advanced Leadership program is one of my favorite activities,” said Diane Flynn, co-founder and CEO of ReBoot Accel. “I am passionate about empowering people to bring their best selves to work. By focusing on confidence, networks, and skill development, we are able to help people perform with excellence, navigate difficult situations, and secure promotions. I really enjoy staying in touch with graduates of our program, and it brings me great joy to see them continue to evolve their leadership styles and careers.”

The Good to Grow: Emerging Leaders program provides participants with leadership fundamentals, and is intended for frontline team members who would like to grow into leadership positions within HumanGood. The program helps team members prepare for leadership career growth through topics such as understanding change in the workplace, collaboration skills, identifying work priorities, resolving conflicts, and how to have skillful conversations.

The program is delivered live through Microsoft Teams, with sessions offered every other week with mentoring available during the off weeks. Students that are unable to join during the live session have the opportunity to watch recorded sessions at a later date, enabling all team members to participate regardless of the shifts they work. Team members can apply directly to the program without a manager recommendation.

Here's what HumanGood team members had to say about these programs:

Kimberly Heintzelman, corporate buildings and grounds manager and a recent graduate of the Good to Grow: Advanced Leadership program, said, “The program is a wonderful opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and deep dive into who you are as a leader and a person.”

Nyhema Thomas, regional property manager in Affordable Housing, said, “This class has taught me so much about leadership, and I’ve met some wonderful new friends. I’m very thankful for this wonderful opportunity.”

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