Residents George and Florence McGraw Share a Unique Perspective on Life at Judson Park

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George and Florence McGraw first moved to Judson Park in the summer of 2003. For the past thirteen years the couple has enjoyed their life at Judson Park and become ingrained in the community. Prior to moving to Judson Park, George was a specialty gardener of rhododendrons which he brought with him to the community. George planted his rhododendrons throughout the community and continued to care for them. George has some memory loss, but two things that he has no trouble remembering are Florence and his passion for his rhododendrons.

Florence says, "At our age, we always planned to be under the same roof, I know he is well taken care of and even though he sleeps in The Grove and I sleep in The Lodge - I can spend as much time with him as I'd like. I can still help him when he needs me. He has times when he does not know where he is, I understand the place in time he is talking about and I can help him feel more comfortable. The Best Friends at The Grove know me well too and they also care about me. One day I did not feel well and the nurse noticed I was a little pale, she checked my blood pressure to make sure I was ok. Then she even followed up later to check in. I feel very secure knowing that they look after us here."

George and Florence are pictured below in front of some of the beautiful rhododendrons George introduced to the community.

George and Florence McGraw 5-16

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