Resident and former Boeing engineer reflects on the '#MeToo' movement

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Resident Nancy Breckenridge, one of the early female engineers for the Boeing Co., is welcoming the changes brought about by the #MeToo movement. On King 5 News, Breckenridge shared what it was like for her to work for nearly 30 years in a field dominated by men.

“A lot of people have asked me how I got along working with the guys, and I showed up every day and did my bit, and never had a problem, I can really say that,” she said in an interview with King 5.

“But certain things weren't brought up; now everything is so open, you don't hide anything anymore, people are very open,” she said. “It’s time.”

Discover more on King 5 News about Breckenridge’s experience and her thoughts on the #MeToo movement.

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