Judson Park's College of Intellectual Inspiration Is in Session

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Judson Park’s College of Intellectual Inspiration was conceived in late 2015 and made possible through a generous renewable gift to the Foundation to establish this initiative. The CII, as it is now known at Judson Park, provides college-level courses to residents.

Our journey with CII started with resident participation in a brainstorming session. "What would you learn if money wasn’t a factor?" Ideas were generated, with the continual question asked: And what else? This was followed by an interest survey to determine both the desire for certain classes as well as best times and dates. All classes were selected by the residents themselves.

Through resident connections, the first two classes of the CII were provided to Judson Park residents in May: a class on Islam provided by a Lutheran Minister helped residents better understand the Muslim faith. Nearly 70 residents were in attendance throughout the four week course. An Art History course featuring the works of Edvard Munch was also offered in May. Students of this class were treated by the CII to a trip to the Tacoma Art Museum, where Munch’s works were featured.

The Advisory Committee also reached out to Lisa Reeves, who serves as Director of UW-Tacoma. Lisa has been an enthusiastic supporter of the concept of continuing education for older adults and was pleased to find a partner in Judson Park. She has helped connect the CII with instructors including Michael Berry, who will teach two classes on the History of Rock and Roll in August, as well as Nicole Blair, who will offer a course on Literature and the Arts in the fall.

Director of Resident Services Natalie Wilcox-McCann is also Judson Parks Foundation Committee Team Liaison and has been instrumental in helping the anonymous donors vision of intellectual growth and generosity be realized in our community.

Upcoming classes will include courses on Geology (Glaciation of Washington state and Natural Geologic Disasters), the History of Glass along with a trip to the Museum of Glass, a poet sharing his works about the Japanese American internment during WWII, the grandson of a diplomat who was in Cuba prior to the Cold War and many others!

We anticipate that the residents of Judson Park will benefit greatly from continuing to learn and grow through the generosity of the donor and the College of Intellectual Inspiration!


Pictured below: The Advisory Committee: Carmen Malmanger, Joe Grillo, Natalie Wilcox-McCann, Dr. Rena Hamburger and Shirley Peace.

Not pictured: Aileen Huntsman, Betsy Poehlman and Jean Shefveland.

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