Judson Park Residents Begin Learning Spanish From Local Student

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Judson Park residents have embarked on an initiative to continue to learn and grow. The community has sought ways to support residents in seeking instruction for those subjects closest to their heart. A number of Judson Park residents expressed a desire to learn more about the Spanish language. The goal of adding this class had been on the mind of Douglas Chadd, Life Enrichment Coordinator.

Enter Leslie Umana, a student of nearby Puget Sound Skills Center High school. Leslie was assigned to become a volunteer by a teacher to give her real life experience prior to her graduation. Leslie and her mother visited Judson Park to see how she could be of assistance. Through the volunteer interview process, Douglas learned that not only was Leslie fluent in Spanish, but she also had an interest in teaching, a serendipitous opportunity!  Douglas helped orient Leslie to the community and the desires of the residents to gain in knowledge of Spanish.

Finding students was quite easy. They covered a variety of subjects - greeting each other, polite conversational exchanges, parts of the body, and more. Students had homework assignments and made progress toward enhancing their pronunciation. Leslie grew in confidence, planning and implementing lessons that would be beneficial to her students.  "It's a pleasure to teach Judson Park residents a language I learned growing up, and to see how happy they are to learn it. I have learned so much by simply teaching a group of residents, and I hope they learn quite a bit from me."

Timing is everything and this was a wonderful way of fulfilling multiple needs and desires. Cheers to the Judson Park Spanish students - when asked how she liked the class, resident Edith Calder replied 'Muy bien!'

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