Judson Park Resident Feature, Sally Wold

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Sally WoldResident Sally Wold is the type of individual who looks out for the well-being and interests of those who struggle. She goes about her kind and loving duties with no fanfare or applause, simply serving where there is a need.

Sally takes a special interest in helping the residents of The Grove in various ways. Whether it is doing crafts, decorating cookies, or playing cards, she helps however she can. She wheels or walks the other residents to appointments, meals or entertainment.

Sally graduated from Brown University as a microbiologist, married a doctor and raised four successful children. But she was determined that she would not take her status in the community for granted. She wanted to be a contributing member of the community instead. She has always had a heart and compassion for others: serving actively in the League of Women Voters, working for a crisis line and helping in a small claims court. Sally has a true passion to serve those around her.

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