Judson Park Acknowledges Custodian's Perfect Attendance

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Judson Park is fortunate to have Jimmy Stone on our custodial team. We celebrate Jimmy not only for his years of dedication to Judson Park, but also for his perfect attendance record. He has not missed a single day of work during his 12 years of service!

When asked about his perfect attendance record, Jimmy said calling in sick never crosses his mind. “I stay healthy. I’m needed at my job at Judson Park. I ride my bicycle to and from work daily — in sun, rain and snow. I’ve had to carry my bike a couple times in the snow, but made it safely!”

Jimmy is a remarkable and extraordinary professional! He fosters a spirit of fun, is a delight to residents, and always able to entertain team members with a variety of special trinkets. Jimmy brings a new toy or keepsake to share each day with anyone lucky enough to run into him — there is always a great story to go along with each of them! We appreciate the joy Jimmy and his treasures bring to our community, and we are more than thankful for his 12 years of service at Judson Park!

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