Executive Director Shares Why Plymouth Village is a Place of Continual Learning

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There are four components to Masterpiece Living: spiritual, intellectual, physical and social. Certainly looking at our activity calendars, we have no lack of opportunities for such activities. In fact, I occasionally have residents telling me there are so many choices that look good and they are frustrated they cannot attend all events! What a great problem to have!

Early in 2015, the Foundation Task Force did some strategic planning for our Neighbors Helping Neighbors campaign. Our invitation to participate was countered by two residents with a well-thought-out and intriguing idea touching on two, and possibly three of our four Masterpiece Living foundational components.

What was presented was the desire to expand our intellectual opportunities for residents and potentially create a program that could grow to the larger community positioning us as an expert resource for adult learning in adult aging. The presentation given to me was truly compelling and a bit overwhelming as I already knew what was on my plate.

So, I countered asking for a commitment to support the efforts along the way, and thankfully my invitation was accepted. I also learned that a bit of ground work had already been done with the University of Redlands, indicating that there might be support of this!

I was thrilled when a list of interested faculty and potential classes was presented, necessitating narrowing the list from approximately eight faculty to three, and a series beginning in February and ending in April. Furthermore, a previous challenge to Redlands Unified also came to fruition as interest from high school seniors to teach a computer class came to light!

Following is what we now have to offer with hopes that we will see substantial interest to continue this series in the future and receive feedback on topics of interest.

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