College of Intellectual Inspiration’s winter schedule is now available

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The winter schedule for the College of Intellectual Inspiration (CII) is now available.


Photo: CII resident committee

CII is a resident-led life-long learning program offering lectures and classes on an array of subjects. On a quarterly basis, residents host a range of speakers including college professors and leading experts on topics like the arts, history, science, music, political science and world religion.

For the winter quarter, the classes and lectures are the following:

The Lewis & Clark Expedition (two-part series)
The Highland Park and Lake Burien Railway

International affairs:
Immigration (two –part series)

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë and Victorian England

Seattle Symphony preview
Seattle Opera performance preview
Introduction to Jazz series

Political science:
City of Des Moines update on plans and projects
Exploring current events

Click here to view the quarterly CII calendar and to learn more about other upcoming events at Judson Park.

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