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Our Services Team

Our services team is made up of resident service coordinators and life enrichment coordinators. 

Together, we support your opportunity to live with enthusiasm, confidence and security — regardless of your circumstances. 

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The resident service coordinator helps you get the support you may be eligible for, such as financial assistance programs and help at home. These professionals are knowledgeable about community resources that empower you to live the quality of life you seek through your later years. The resident service coordinator forms partnerships with healthcare providers, universities and government agencies to build a supportive community that allows you to maintain independence and enables you to stay in the place you call home.

The life enrichment coordinator promotes customized programs appropriate to the culture and needs of the residents while improving and maintaining physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning in order to support full participation in life. These programs can build skills, improve mood, boost quality of life and strengthen social connections.

Programs and Services


  • Educational workshops on health, legal assistance, insurance and benefits
  • Exercise classes
  • Food distribution
  • Health and wellness screenings
  • Technology initiatives that bridge the digital divide


  • Develop partnerships across the long-term care continuum with other affordable housing entities, county and service providers, educational institutions and health care providers.
  • Optimize health care and housing by increasing long-term services and support with community-based providers.
  • Mitigate isolation, hospitalization and nursing home admission by enabling residents to live independently and increase self-sufficiency.
  • Advocate on behalf of residents, preserving their civil rights and empowering them to remain self-reliant when possible.
  • Ensure residents have access to medical and mental health services in order to reach their highest level of functioning and independence.
  • Collaborate with property management to deliver quality services to residents.


  • Center for Elders' Independence
  • Health Plan of San Mateo
  • Inland Empire Health Plan
  • Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing
  • Peninsula Family Service
  • San Francisco State University
  • Samuel Merritt University
  • Wilshire Community Services

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Making an Impact

Headshot of Sue Chandler

"Our service coordinator brings an unconditional lifeline to our community with her positive energy. She shares resources with us and creates activities that keep our mind, body and spirit young and healthy. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and we all appreciate her."

—Sue Chandler, Valley Vista

"She's there for us. Our service coordinator takes our worries away. When we get a government letter that we don't understand, she explains it. If English isn't our first language, and we need to talk to someone about a bill, she helps us with the call."

—Rebecca Montenegro, Rotary Plaza

Headshot of Rebecca Montenegro