Why (and When) You Need a Last Will and Testament

Without a will, your assets and loved ones can be put at risk. Learn why creating a will is such an important step to take.

By Ashley Devick

It’s fairly easy to make creating a will part of your retirement planning—and yet only 44 percent of American adults have written a will to protect their assets and their loved ones. 

A last will and testament provides a roadmap to manage the distribution of personal assets so that your possessions end up with the people you love most. A will also protects your family and can effectively communicate your wishes after you’ve passed.

View this infographic to learn about the risks of not having a will in place; print it out to serve as a reminder to create your own will or update an existing one whenever a major life change occurs.

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Why and When You Need a Last Will and Testament

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Part of good living in retirement is having peace of mind that your wishes are known. Ensure your affairs are handled the way you’d like.

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