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Living Options

Is Residential Living Right for You?

Hear from residents on why senior independent living means opportunities to further enhance their friendships, connections and well-being.

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Financial Planning

CCRC Retirement Communities and the Benefits of an Entry Fee

Many adults aren’t quite sure if an entrance fee is fiscally responsible, but entrance fees can make retirement communities more affordable.

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Resident Stories

Avoid Isolation While Maintaining Independence With Senior Living Options

Senior living allows your loved ones to remain independent—but never feel alone.

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Why Senior Living?

Aging in Place: A CCRC Allows Senior Couples to Stay Together

What happens when one spouse requires more care than the other in a senior living community?

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Financial Planning

Considering Moving to a Senior Living Community? 4 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home is no small feat. Here are some tips, such as how to find the right real estate agent and pricing strategies.

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Health + Wellness

Exercise Your Long-Term Memory With Brain Games

Challenge your brain with three puzzles to stimulate active thinking.

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