Event Description

Whipping up fresh and flavorful fare.

Looking for nutrient-packed foods to fuel your brain and body? Wholesome ingredients are a key component to healthy eating. At this culinary event our executive chef will join our registered dietitian at Regents Point and take you on an interactive culinary journey, using delicious foods to produce a well-balanced, healthy meal.

Learn from our talented team and taste these brain-healthy foods. And—if you like—you can also try your hand at creating the showcased dish (guided by our chef) and take it home!

Space is limited. Please submit our RSVP form and we will contact you about reserving ONE event date based on availability.





Regents Point

19191 Harvard Avenue

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We're sorry. This event has been canceled as a precaution to protect the health of our residents.is full. For more information or to join our waitlist, please call us at 949-242-9735.