Event Description

What’s impacting East Bay real estate today?

Are you considering whether to sell your home? So many factors come into play in making that decision. Understanding the local housing market and the general economic outlook in today’s world are important considerations.

Join our informational session hosted by Alice Bravo, Director of Sales at Piedmont Gardens. Our presenter, realtor Denise Keller of The Grubb Co., will discuss the local real estate market, and answer your questions about what you need to consider before selling your home. Denise is very experienced in preparing a home for sale and works exclusively with buyers and sellers in the East Bay. You’ll learn about:

• Current factors impacting local home values
• Buyer characteristics, expectations and competition • Economic statistics and trends to consider





Sky Room

110 41st Street

Oakland, CA 94611

Limited valet parking provided in lot east of 110 41st Street entrance.

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We're sorry. This event has been canceled as a precaution to protect the health of our residents.is full. For more information or to join our waitlist, please call us at (866) 594-0694.