Bonding over billiards: resident and team member build lasting friendship through pool

August 27, 2020

Jim Westgate and Pam Severns share an improbable but inseparable bond. Their two worlds came together at The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens, where Jim lives and Pam works as a hairstylist. While friendships between residents and team members at the Fresno senior living community are common, few are comparable to Jim and Pam’s camaraderie, thanks to their shared passion for billiards.

Twice weekly, they convene at the pool table within The Terraces’ common area for a cutthroat hourlong game. The three-year tradition has gained some fandom at the community, with peers passionately rooting for one or the other. But most notably, it has solidified a long-standing friendship, with Pam considering Jim as family and vice versa. Their companionship is exemplary of the power of sport as well as the social benefits of living or working at the community.

While COVID-19 initially put the weekly pool matches on pause, Jim and Pam have responsibly reignited their friendly rivalry, with masks and social distancing as part of the equation. Despite the necessary and strict adjustments, their games continue to be as enjoyable as ever.

Learn about their friendship and the social benefits of living and working at the community by watching this TV clip.

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