Location: 1300 S. Livermore Ave., Livermore, CA 94550 | Phone: (925) 454-9605

How To Apply

Applications are available only when the Waiting List is open (see above).

Amenities & services

The Apartments

The 80 apartments at Arbor Vista Senior Community are single-story four-plexes and include:

  • Full kitchens with energy-efficient appliances
  • Emergency call system
  • Private patios
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout all apartments and the community
  • Insulated double-paned windows
  • Air conditioner/heater
  • Energy-efficient lighting
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Community Amenities

Community amenities include:

  • Community room for activities and events
  • Large flat-screen TV for movie nights, special occasions
  • Library
  • Full-service kitchen with energy-efficient appliances
  • Computer lab
  • Modern community kitchen/bistro
  • Community garden
  • Community space for parties and events
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Smart-metered irrigation system
  • 24-hour security campus throughout common areas
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Services and Activities

Community services and activities include:

  • Service coordinator for connecting residents to community and medical services
  • Game and movie nights
  • Monthly birthday, holiday celebrations
  • Community art exhibition and annual craft fair
  • Twice-weekly shuttle service for local shopping
  • Free grocery delivery service
  • Free Panera Bread and Starbucks pastry delivery
  • Open Heart Kitchen dinners served three times per month
  • Senior brown-bag programs
  • Monthly potluck supper
  • Monthly “ladies and gents” lunch
  • Monthly farmer’s market offering discounted prices on fresh fruits and vegetables
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Location & contact


Yvette Ochoa, Housing Administrator


Arbor Vista Senior Community
1300 S. Livermore Ave.

Livermore, CA 94550

Phone Number

(925) 454-9605


(800) 545-1833 x478


(925) 454-9608


Fair Housing Policy

Fair Housing Policy

It is the policy and commitment of HumanGood that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, familial status, marital status, source of income, handicap or disability, or arbitrary characteristics in the rental of its residential dwellings. HumanGood affirms its policy of equal housing opportunity pursuant to state and federal fair housing laws.

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Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

It is HumanGood’s policy to provide reasonable accommodations in housing for housing applicants and residents with disabilities where reasonable accommodation is necessary to provide them with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their apartment and the common areas of the rental community where they live.

This policy is in furtherance of the goal of providing affordable housing to low-income persons regardless of disability and in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local law. A reasonable accommodation is a modification or change that the HumanGood-owned or managed Property (HumanGood Community) can make to its policies procedures, processes and or to the person’s apartment or to a common area which would assist an otherwise eligible person with a disability to benefit from the HumanGood Community provided, that the change does not pose an undue financial and administrative burden to the HumanGood Community or result in a fundamental alteration of its program.

The Reasonable Accommodation policy and procedures outlined here applies to applicants and residents at HumanGood Communities who are qualified “individuals with a disability”. The HumanGood Community may require reliable documentation or verification of the disability that the individual needs the accommodation, and that the accommodation is likely to be effective. The HumanGood-owned or managed community will thoroughly and promptly consider any request for a reasonable accommodation, and will explain the basis for any denial to the requestor. In the course of evaluating and responding to a reasonable accommodation request, the HumanGood Community will seek to engage in a process of dialogue and joint problem solving with applicants and residents.

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Pets Policy

Pets Policy

Residents are permitted to keep common household pets in their apartments. Service or assistance animals are also welcome. Applicants and residents must inform Arbor Vista Senior Community management about their requirement for a service or assistance animal.

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Non-Smoking Policy

Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. Residents will be required to sign a non-smoking agreement and must undertake that they or their guests will not be permitted to smoke in their apartments or anywhere on the premises.

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