Latest update on Coronavirus

December 8, 2020

HumanGood healthcare teams are continuing to track the latest news and information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as state and local public health department directives. The health, security and safety of our residents and team members is our highest priority.

HumanGood continues to remain vigilant in our efforts to fight the Coronavirus threat. As the sixth largest nonprofit senior living organization in the country, with 95 affordable housing communities and 21 life plan communities across six states, we operate in a complex environment. We continue to monitor the situation daily, and our communities are updating their residents and team members regarding changes at the local level regarding shutdown and shelter-in-place restrictions.

We are continuing to facilitate testing at our communities in coordination with state and local public health departments. As testing becomes more standardized and widely available, this will be an important tool in our fight against this deadly disease.

At this time, we have 61 current positive cases (amongst both residents and team members) of COVID-19 in our 21 life plan communities, where we serve approximately 5,400 residents: three team members at Judson Park; three (two residents and one team member) at Las Ventanas; one team member at Piedmont Gardens; four team members at Plymouth Village; fourteen (seven residents and seven team members) at Regents Point; two (one resident and one team member) at the Mansion at Rosemont; three team members at Rosewood; five team members at Royal Oaks; two team members at Rydal Park; three (one resident and two team members) at the Terraces of Boise; one team member at the Terraces at Los Altos; three team members at the Terraces of Los Gatos; two (one resident and one team member) at The Terraces of Phoenix; six team members at The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens; three (one resident and two team members) at Valle Verde; one team member at White Sands; and one team member at Windsor.

We also have 24 current positive cases (amongst both residents and team members) in our 95 affordable housing communities, where we serve more than 8,000 residents: one resident at Andres Duarte Terrace; one resident at Alician Senior Apartments; one team member at Castle Argyle; one resident at Covenant Manor; one resident at Hadley Villas; one resident at Interfaith House; two team members at Life’s Garden; five (three residents and two team members) at Mantua Presbyterian; two residents at Mary Field Presbyterian Apartments; one resident at Mountain Vistas; one resident at Reed Street Presbyterian; two residents at Riverside Presbyterian; one team member at Rose View Terrace; one resident at Rotary Plaza; one resident at Scottish Rite House; and two (one resident and one team member) at Sierra Gateway. We are working closely with the local public health departments to monitor these situations and continue to notify residents, family members and team members of these developments. HumanGood has approximately 5,000 team members throughout our communities and community support centers.

Our life plan communities continue to operate with restrictions. Masks are required for all while in our communities and we continue to ask residents to practice physical distancing as much as possible.

All visitors, vendors, contractors, team members and residents are screened upon entry into our life plan communities to investigate any travel exposures and to confirm to the best of our ability that they are symptom-free. Team members are restricted from traveling to communities for non-essential business purposes. Any team members experiencing symptoms are required to report their symptoms and/or diagnoses to their supervisor and are strictly prohibited from coming to work in accordance with CDC guidelines.

With respect to the life plan community residents in our care, we are monitoring and focusing on symptom screening, infection surveillance, reviewing procedures and continuously adapting our contingency plans to stay prepared. All visiting essential health care professionals such as physicians, physical therapists and others are required to change their clothing prior to entering our communities. Additionally, all essential health care professionals are required to disinfect stethoscopes or any other equipment brought with them. When entering the community, they are screened and asked to wear a mask. Where possible, we encourage tele-health remote visits.

We encourage our affordable housing residents to follow shelter-in-place guidelines and to discourage non-essential visitors from entering their communities. In addition, we have taken measures including increased cleaning of all common areas on a regular basis; communal rooms have been closed; signs are posted throughout the community encouraging physical distancing and frequent hand washing.

Our teams are continuing efforts to keep all communities stocked with medical supplies and sanitizing agents/products, although sourcing supplies and personal protective equipment remains a challenge.

Again, the health, security and safety of our residents and team members is our highest priority. We will continue to monitor local, state and federal reports, and share information as it becomes available.

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